Pipe welding that works – first time, every time

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Switching to hydrofusion eliminates leaky underground mechanical joints and does away with the problem of degraded O-rings.

What is hydrofusion?

Hydrofusion is the process of welding two pipes together by means of a special electrofusion fitting. Donor pipes are cleaned and inserted at each end of the fitting and then welded together by the built-in electric heating element.

Once set, your two lengths of pipes effectively become one – with uniform integrity all the way through the newly-welded pipe.

Our qualified hydrofusion welders know the exact temperature and curing time needed for each joint, giving perfect results every time.

Equipment Hire

Hire a hydrofusion welding machine for less than £80 per day. Our machines can handle pipe from 20mm to 160mm with ease.

We also stock a wide range of electrofusion fittings.