Not all water is created equal

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Even if you plan to use your private water supply purely for outdoor irrigation, you should always set aside some of your budget to address the filtration needs of your system and end users.

Our specialist water engineers design and create water filtration systems. Each system is bespoke to each individual’s requirements based on usage, distribution and raw water quality.

Of course, the only sure-fire way to identify potential contaminants is to have your well scientifically tested.

Get in touch, we can organise this for you.

Why might I filter my supply?

Hard water

Commonly found in chalky areas (which applies to most of Kent), hard water can be tamed with a simple particulate filter.

High iron content

If parts of your system are turning orange or brown, you likely have iron contamination in your supply. We see this a lot, but it’s easily solved. Iron removal filters take care of both metal iron (which turns to rust) and iron bacteria (which turns to an unpleasant sludge).

Drinking (potable) water

We always recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to drinking water. A typical system design for potable water would include a UV filter, particulate filter and chlorine dosing system to eliminate the risk of contamination.