Good quality granular salt is vital to the correct operation of your water softener.

Hydrosoft granular salt is produced in the UK to the highest standard using food grade salt. The granules are produced by shaping pure-dried vacuum salt (the same salt as you’d sprinkle on your chips) into small white pea-shaped granules. These are compatible with any water softeners where the manufacturer specifies granular salt.

The production process for Hydrosoft salt granules fully complies with BS EN 973:2002 (chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption).

Hydrosoft Granular Salt Close-Up Hydrosoft Salt on Pallet


You can buy Hydrosoft safe in the knowledge that you are buying the best water softener salt granules on the market.

We now also offer Hydrosoft granular salt in handy 10kg bags (as opposed to the standard 25kg bags), which are easier to lift and handle.

We can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Quantity Delivered As Price
25kg 1 × 25kg £19.99
125kg 5 × 25kg £89.95
250kg 10 × 25kg £120.00
500kg 20 × 25kg £170.00
750kg 30 × 25kg £225.00
1,225kg 49 × 25kg £343.00
10kg 1 × 10kg £18.00
20kg 2 × 10kg £24.00
60kg 6 × 10kg £60.00
120kg 12 × 10kg £120.00
250kg 25 × 10kg £174.00
500kg 50 × 10kg £275.00